The People of Somerset West

Snakes in the Helderberg

Puff Adders, Cape Cobras, Boomslangs and Molesnakes are the most common snakes found Somerset West.

Somerset West Neighbourhood Watch

Somerset West Neighbourhood Watch

Find out more about the folk who care about the safety of our community.

Meet Nelia de Wet

Meet mother of two and owner of Gister, a vintage decor shop, Nelia de Wet.

Trudy's Treats

Baker Trudy Mattheys shares her foolproof vanilla sponge cake recipe for making the perfect cupcakes.

Live To Eat

The Restaurant at Waterkloof's Head Chef Gregory Czarnecki tells us a little about his daily routine.

De Beers AFC Club Captain, Wayne Arlow - Somerset West Football Soccer

De Beers AFC Club Captain

Club Captain and Captain of the First Team Wayne Arlow talks to Swest about his involvement in De Beers AFC.

The Beauty of Waterkloof

There are many places that promise a unique wine and dine experience, but only Waterkloof can deliver it quite so spectacularly.

Subaru Reigns Supreme

Subaru Reigns Supreme

Subaru - the Japanese name for the Pleiades cluster.

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